Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Elevator Movement and Environment

Elevator movement.

Down - n
Up - p

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Experiment #3 The Bridge and Meeting Place

The main bridge, i decided to create an "S"
shape bridge, reason being, the "S" standing for
Superior, for both the clients have a form of
superiority. Structures are being held in place for the
supporting of the bridge.
The meeting place used as a walkway effect, a cat walk.

A shot taken from Angelas office, structures
supporting the meeting place and the bridge.

This being the meeting place, the reason why i created
a round shape meeting table as it symbolizes equality,
both clients have a form of power and both are as popular
as each other.
The long structure supporting the table is used as each
client comes from their elevator, used as a catwalk walking
towards an important place.

Experiment #3 - Miranda Kerrs Office

Miranda Kerrs Office

Image of Miranda Kerrs Office, as the same as
Angelas design i used one and just implemented
it to make it into one main design, with this design
i tried to get a wavy shape to be inrelation to
Mirandas type of role, the model.

This structure has more complexity into it,
for her multiple way of living and thinking,
the office goes to the top and the ground elevates
more and more as it gets higher.

Image taken from an angle, office of Miranda Kerr.

Another image taken by the waterfall.
The main structure runs as a walkway,
a cat walk to get from the bottom to the top,
same as a cat walk, from start to finish.
This representing her as a model.

Experiment #3 - Angela Merkels Office

The Final Experiment

Final Snapshot of Experiment, to the right of the image
is the office of Angela Merkel and to the left of the image
is the office of Miranda Kerr. These were the two clients
that i chose, with this experiment, i decided to design one
shape and use that only shape to create and distingush
power, both offices are in relation to there businesses.

Angela Merkels Office

The image of Angela Merkels Office,
i used 1 design and decided to implement
that one design into 2.
The reason why i chose to use rectangular shapes is
the power of a politician, they have different views in
finding an answer or creating something new,
with relation to Angela's way of thinking,
its been constructed this was due to Angelas way of
peaceful and equal way of thinking.
With open areas overlooking different areas,
and a tree in the middle of the office to symbolize nature,
a form of peace.

This image was taken inside of Angelas office, stairs
going up to the second level, as it elevates up as a
form of power, her way of thinking, peaceful and
systematic, shown the tree in the middle of the office
symbolizing a form of nature, peace and equality.

This shot taken from the second level of the office,
as shown and explained before the tree in the middle
representing peace, and openings from different positions
of the office with relation to Angelas way of her open thinking.

This just a last overall image of Angela Merkels Office.

Draft Images for Crysis

Draft Image #1
(image taken from Angela Merkels Office)
Draft Image #2
(image inside outlooking Angela Merkels office)

Draft image #3
(Image of Angela Merkels Office draft only)

Draft Image #4
(Image of Miranda Kerrs Office, Draft Only)